"What are skills that you find lacking in recent graduates?"

This is a great question. If you are a recent grad, introspection like this already places you ahead of the curve. Obviously, recent grads will lack "real world experience", but to dig a little deeper, here are a couple thoughts:

1. Social maturity - working with other people well, taking criticism as a good thing, selflessness as an employee

2. Understanding of the industry and economics - younger people don't seem to understand dollars and cents, profit and profit margins, business plans, and generally what motivates people in the big picture.

3. Altruism and willingness to give back without receiving anything in return. Investing time and energy into something bigger than themselves.

4. Interpersonal communication. This is a hard one. Young people tend to let their maturity level show. Learning to reign in comments, funny remarks, opinions, etc is the start. As you mature, re-learning how to express yourself intelligently and in a kind manner is a skill that will take you far.