Military Spouse - Solid Experience but Gaps in Resume

"I'm a military spouse with a resume that has more holes than Swiss cheese, but solid experience. I interview very well, but can't seem to even get to that stage lately - I'm guessing due to the gaps in my resume."


I am glad to help. Thank you and your spouse for your service!

Even if the gaps in your experience aren't brought up, feel free to clarify it yourself - even if you aren't asked. Be honest and from my side of the table, I would see this as an advantage for you.

Communicate that your spouse made sacrifices and served our country. And with that, you happily made yourself flexible to change and adjustment to stay by his/her side. You can conclude that this loyalty and flexibility also plays a part of who you are as an employee.

Is there a chance that you will continue to move around the country in this situation? Or are you permanently settled in your current location? That is the next thought that will go through HR's mind.