Pursue Higher Pay or More Experience?

"I have an issue I'm currently faced with and could use your insight. I recently received an offer from a German MNC in my industry(engineering) for a job I've always wanted. The offer is very very poor and If I accept I would be making the same as I currently am in my current job (Pays just below market rate and I'm reaching 11 months of employment). This is the first job right out of university.

How can I negotiate for a better pay?How can I tell the HR to offer competitive or at least market rate pay for an engineer with 1 year of experience in the related field. My current company has no career progression and the politics are rubbish.

Thank you for taking the time to read this."

What are the opportunities for growth at this new company? If this is a first "real-world" job for you, with plenty of opportunity to grow, it's ok to take low pay.

Keep your costs as low as possible. Rent cheap or live at home. Cook your meals at home. Don't drink much, etc.

If there is room to be promoted and grow, I'd take the job and kick ass. If you would hard, accomplish your tasks and go above & beyond, the money will follow.