Tailoring Resume to Specific Positions

"I am a novice professional in the medical field that very recently (less than a month) passed my licensure exam. My professional history includes customer service in lodging for 3 years and as a medic for the military (general discharge). I'm in the very early stages of putting together a resume that has been collecting dust for 5 years due to schooling. It seems that your expertise lies in seeking high level talent for various businesses so I may be out of your scope, but do you have ANY detailed advice for improving my interview? Looking for work out of school can be a very daunting thing. Thank you for providing yourself as a resource here."

Tailor your resume to the specific position you apply for. Find the job description and write out every bit of experience you have the relates, line by line. Some of it might be a stretch, so don't go too deep. One instance would be that at both Lodging and a Hospital, you work to make people feel comfortable for an overnight stay - seamlessly.