Quantifying Results and Formatting on Resume

"For a sales resume, I have read to include as much quantifiable results as possible. Do you concur?

And for formatting... My hr lady said she prefers resume's with a skills and summary at the top followed by jobs with a brief description of the position and then the results driven. Do you have any experience with that?"


Quantifiables are great. Don't forget to balance them out with what makes you effective and unique.

Also, be ready to back them up with your W2 when asked. I've found that the only salespeople that are offended when asked to see their W2 are the ones that exaggerate their earnings.

As for formatting, go for meat over fluffy, trendy "it" words. If you want, still use them if submitting online.

Also, keep the summary concise, but make a statement about who you are. Skills can come before jobs - whichever you feel is more impressive.