• 115% Money-Back Guarantee
    We are 115% confident in the benefits and advantages our services give you during your job search, interview and offer selection.

    If you are not 100% satisfied that your 1-on-1 interview coaching session improved your interview performance, we will provide a full refund, plus an additional 15%.

  • Technology to Perfect Your Interview Anywhere!

    Utilizing Video-Chat services, your One-Hour Interview Practice and Preparation Session will enhance your next interview and every interview that's to come - all from the comfort of home, a coffee shop, or wherever you feel most comfortable.

  • Continue Your Professional Growth.

    The One-Hour Session includes a free copy of "Advanced Interview Preparation & Advice" eBook - a $5.99 value. This guide is filled with crucial steps to research, strategize and win you interview.

    This interview prep guide is highly-reviewed and will continue to keep you as a top job competitor for years to come.

  • Receive One-on-One Coaching from the Best!

    Our Founder and your Interview Coach brings you his background as an Executive Recruiter, Director of Talent Acquisition, Interview Book Author and Interview Coach.

    He has conducted thousands of interviews and hired hundreds of professionals at all experience levels. His coaching style is friendly and comfortable, while going in-depth into everything from your appropriate “Resume Title”, how to answer trick questions, the mindset of the hiring manager, how to dress, putting your best foot forward, standing out from your competition, how top professionals follow-up and much more.

How it Works:
First, schedule your one-on-one session. During this process we ask that you attach a copy of your resume (this will not be shared with anyone, ever), the job description for the position you are interviewing for, and additional information about you and your specific situation.

Our interview will be arranged as follows:

5 minutes - Getting to know you, your interest in this position
10 minutes - Going over your concerns, strengths and weaknesses, position description
35 minutes - Mock interview
10 minutes - Necessary improvements, advice

Following our session you will receive a free copy of "Advanced Interview Preparation & Advice: A Thorough Guide to Research, Strategize and Win Your Interview"

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